Connesto features

connecting restaurants for you

Menus on smartphone

Multilingual and up-to-date menus are not a dream anymore. People can look for their favorite dish in their favorite language from anywhere: at home, at the office, or in the restaurant.

Self-ordering efficiency

Customers place orders by themselves, allowing the staff to focus on its primary work: cook them delicious food! In the same time, Connesto reduces ordering errors and save precious time for everyone

Restaurants network

Don’t be left behind and miss the next innovation wave! By leveraging our network, Connesto helps restaurants to adapt to the new trend of our societies and attract more customers.

For restaurants, Connesto is the opportunity to join a growing network, to gain in visibility and to reach a new pool of customers! Connesto boosts the table turnover rate and relieves the staff burden. It may sound obvious but reducing queue during rush hours makes pleased customers and happier managers!

Why joining us

a few benefits (not even all of them!)
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Get a modern and trendy image: expand your customer base (for instance with foreigners) thanks to menus translations and online visibility.

Use your workforce efficiently: no need to waste time going to take orders. Connesto also reduces ordering errors. And for you, updating prices or dishes has never been easier!

Raise your income thanks to quick-wins (menus are always available whenever needed), increased customers number and improved table turnover rate.


    Boost your image


    Boost your efficiency


    Boost your revenue

About us

when IT meets food passion
Graduated from French and Japanese universities, Kaishin worked in Hong Kong for more than 2 years before settling in Taipei. As an IT Solution Manager and a food lover, he naturally decided to combine his passions to improve the catering industry.
Through travels, geekery and gluttony, Alain developed his curiosity about food mysteries and also noticed that IT could enhance restaurant experiences. Thus, he left the IT consulting world in Paris to fully dedicate himself to the tech & food lover start-up.

Thanks to Connesto, foodies browse menus straight away from the application and choose where to eat! Inside the restaurant, Connesto enables self-ordering directly from the table thanks to easy QR code scanning.

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