20 November 2017

How it works

  1. Create a free account on www.restaurant.connesto.com
  2. Wait for your account validation by our staff (generally from 5min to a few hours). If you don’t hear from us within 24h, drop us an email at info@ls-ware.com or Line us to the id lsware 🙂
  3. Create your menus and dishes: our staff is happy to set up and translate your menus the first time. But if you want to create everything on your own, you can manage everything by yourself through the website!
    From your account, you select the languages that you can translate by yourselves and the system will automatically translate the other ones. If you want us to manually translate your menus, feel free to check this page and contact us!
  4. Our staff will mail to your address a few marketing tools (the one you input during the registration). You will for instance receive the nice Connesto sticker below to let people know you are now part of the network! You will receive them within a few days, but contact us if you don’t get them or are in a hurry
  5. Stick the Connesto sticker on your shopwindow
  6. From your account, publish your restaurant to make it visible to everyone.
    Congratulations, you’re ready!